The writer Leonida Repaci called the coast between Palmi and Bagniara "A little paradise". Already in ancient times it was called "Costa Viola" due to the fact that during daytime the sea water has a violet touch. We are at the toe of the Italian "boot", a coast to discover.

Here the sea is open, deep and is without lee. Therefore it is a very demanding but also generous milieu. In the crystal water one finds thousands of traces of the life in the Mediterranean.One often comes across interesting archeological findings of the ancient culture in the deep waters of Cavaianculla, Pietrosa, Chianiti, Pietragalera, Capo Barbi,

We at Centroimmerzioni "Costa Viola" love the sea. We wish also other divers to discover the wonderful sea milieu that is to be found in our area. The sea we are talking about is partly undiscovered so here are new sites to be found by everybody, both experts and beginners. Our new office is situated in Palmi tourist center in Tonnara. Come to our coast, the sea will enchant you.